About Tugra Restaurant

Our journey started in September 2017 with two very passionate chefs and two managers (Hoja-Iso, Janer). Our mission is to reflect our passion and enthusiasm for Turkish cuisine through our very unique menu and delicately sources authentic ingredients. This is a stand alone, an individual restaurant with no other branches. We are in Hayes-Bromley serving contemporary Mediterranean Food”

Tugra is the name given to the signature, or seal of approval, used by the Turkish Ottoman Sultans. Only the best of the best received approval from the Sultan and were good enough to receive the Sultan’s “Tugra”.


When you dine with us, we will not consider you as just a customer, you will be welcomed as our guest. All of our team will work hard to ensure that from the moment you walk through our door, the quality of service you receive from us is worthy of a Sultan’s seal of approval.